Experienced Localization Advocate, Robert Forloine, to Speak at Ingeniux User Conference

The value of Copywriting for Mobile-friendly websites; If you take the challenge to publish impactful and lively content, you will get even better results from your internet marketing efforts. The truth is you have limited space, you still want to get people’s awareness with your headline, one-of-a-kind selling point and a call to action that’s clear and convincing. These are the essential points you need to put into your copy if you need your mobile site to convert well. We are more than happy to help you get started with you mobile-friendly web page or we can put together a responsive seo and mobile-friendly web page that wil display correctly on every machine. We still do recommend to have both; as Yahoo and google and your clients will just love the simplicity of navigation through your own custom made mobile web page.

Venga Global, a thought leader in website localization and translation best practices, will be lending its VP of Business Development, Robert Forloine, to the Ingeniux User Conference in Seattle, Washington ……Experienced Localization Advocate, Robert Forloine, to Speak at Ingeniux User Conference

1 Palm Marketing has the MOST highly effective web-based and mobile marketing methods the world has to offer. We pride ourselves on testimonials, front page search engine rankings for our clients, and most of all an increase of business, telephone calls, and pre-sold customers hunting to use your services or products. Whether it is by developing your on-line reputation, making a mobile-friendly website, or just helping to supercharge your online profile we are always here to assist and promote your on-line business. Make sure to check out more of our correlated blog posts and posts and you must see our online reviews on our website 1palmmarketing.com.

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